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Short Film Showcase. Call for Work!

Okto im Wiener Telekabel TV auf Kanal 8

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GSA - Global Security Alliance
Sicherheitsfest München

17 03 2005 | 19h
Voll geil oder voll daneben?
Eine Diskussion zum Verhältnis von Jugend und Politik im Zeitalter der Neuen Medien
Austria's most successful political indicator tool is available for the federal elections 2006.

November 2005
World-Information City
is a joint effort of European and South Asian civil society, a global cooperation rooted in the diversity of Bangalore's Information Society projects.

18. November 2005
Raubkopieren macht impotent!
Mit der Kampagne "Hart aber Gerecht 2006" hat das Konsortium ZKM auch hierzulande den raubkopierenden Massen den Krieg erklärt.

20 06 - 22 06 2005
Networks of Imagination
Global Information Landscapes and Urban Transformations in Asia

ZKW kf45 2005
Virtual Drama in four Acts: A critical interpretation of historical representation in the Austrian "jubilee year" 2005

03 06 / 04 06 2004
Free Bitflows
Cultures of Access and Politics of Dissemination

Patriotismus oder Vaterlandsverrat
Wo stehen Sie in Österreich? Beantworten Sie 22 Fragen im Österreich-Quiz und erfahren Sie, welchem von acht Typen Sie am ehesten entsprechen.

15 06 2004
Kunst != Bioterrorismus
Einem Gründungsmitglied des Critical Art Ensembles droht eine Verurteilung nach dem US-amerikanischem Terrorismusgesetz.

System 77 Civil Counter-Reconnaissance. Eyes in the skies, Democracy in the Streets.

17 12 + 19 12 2003
Demokratie und Öffentlichkeit in der Informationsgesellschaft
Save the Digital Ecology!

Kein Asylverfahren im World Wide Web!
Projekt für jugendliche Flüchtlinge vermittelt Medienkompetenz

26 11 2003
Diskussion: nikeground - rethinking space
Künstlerische Freiräume in einer Welt der Großkonzerne

rethinking space. the hardly believable nikeplatz trick. staged by 0100101110101101.ORG and t0.

Ab Freitag, 27. Juni 2003, wird das Mediencamp am Karlsplatz der Öffentlichkeit ins Bewusstsein rufen, dass die Existenz der unabhängigen und partizipativen Medieninitiativen in Wien unverändert massiv gefährdet ist.

14 06 2003
free:re:public 03

20 05 2003
Campaign against the violation of data protection
Public Netbase’s International Campaign against the violation of data protection laws informs passengers at Vienna Airport

25 04 2003 | 20h

is a trans-national cultural intelligence provider, a collaborative effort of artists, scientists and technicians. It is a practical example for a technical and contextual environment for cultural production and an independent platform of critical media intelligence.

05 06 / 06 06 2003
Open Cultures
Free Flows of Information and the Politics of Commons
- A two day conference / workshops / exhibition

18 01 - 19 01 2003
new world (b)order
coop Tanzquartier Wien

17 01 2003
Power Lines, Opposing Gazes
Bureau d'études - a presentation and open diskussion

23 11 2002

03 10 - 04 10 2002
Dark Markets
Infopolitics, Electronic Media and Democracy in Times of Crisis
- A two day strategic conference that will look into state of arts theories of democracy, media politics and information technologies.

28 06 2002
Mainpal Inv./ Goodiepal
concert info

15 06 2002
free re public 2

07 06 2002
digital art generation
Autogenerative Prozesse in der Netzkultur

24 05 2002
cyborg citizen
Chris Hables Gray, author of "Cyborg Citizen" and Faith Wilding (SubRosa)

basecamp Text-FM
Public Netbase relocating to MQ in summer 2002 on + 600 m2
documents the political repressions from Austria's right wing government aimed at Public Netbase t0 as well as international manifestations of solidarity for the Vienna based Institute for New Culture Technologies.

07 12 2001
Technologiepolitische Kultur 2001
Thorsten Schilling / Neue Kunstsektion / XDV

18 10 - 19 10 2001
Interface Explorer
presents current trends in the development of new interfaces and web browsers. It will display projects of international artists and provide a forum for the discussion of the state of the art and the future of net communication tools.

basecamp remote jam
Public Netbase relocating to MQ in summer 2002 on + 600 m2

European Cultural Backbone
The European Cultural Backbone (ECB) is a coalition of mediacultural institutions and individuals working together to creatively use and develop participatory media for social change.
offers a virtual alternative to Austria's far right government by proposing models and concepts for a truly democratic information society.





27. - 31. May 1999, Vienna
SYNWORLD playwork:hyperspace
illustrated the relationship between popular game worlds and scientific and socially relevant developments.

Period After

23. - 29. June 1998, Vienna
Current developments in automation and robotics confront us with diverging future possibilities...

23 04 - 26 04 1998 / Vienna
The Society of the Unknown (London/UK) "Towards a Sonic Revolution"

21 11 - 22 11 1997 / Vienna
FLESH MACHINE: A Genexploitation Project
by Critical Art Ensemble (Chicago)

Arts Laboratory & CONSUMPTION Photon Connection

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