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  • World-Information.Org is a trans-national cultural intelligence provider, a collaborative effort of artists, scientists and technicians. It is a practical example for a technical and contextual environment for cultural production and an independent platform of critical media intelligence.

    Through artistic and scientific exploration of information and communication technologies World-Information.Org disseminates an understanding of their cultural, societal and political implications, and fosters future cultural practice. The exhibitions in Brussels and Vienna that comprised three sections titled "World-Infostructure ", "Future Heritage" and " World C4U" were accompanied by the World Infocon conference (Brussels), the World Information Forum (Vienna) and a variety of other events.

    World-Conceived as an ongoing effort to critically observe and investigate new technologies in a societal, economic and artistic context World-Information.Org serves to meet the needs and expectations of citizens for high quality and accessible services of cultural information and content.

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