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  Impulse and strategies against the confinement of the infosphere

Netbase presents infopaper on “Intellectual Property and the City”

On the occasion of the project “World-Information City” in Bangalore (India) in late November, Netbase has recently presented an infopaper with the same title. In the centre of interest of this special edition containing 20 pages lies the question of the multiplex interrelationship between “Intellectual Property and the City”. It is planned to distribute the paper (circulation: 40.000) in Vienna, Europe and India and also at the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis (Tunisia).

“Societal and technological developments have created new information spheres, which are having a profound impact on our lives”, says Konrad Becker, head of Netbase and editor of the “World-Information City”. “Analysis and description of these processes is of great importance, to point out their consequences on societies, cultures and economies.” Especially the rise of technologies of digital restriction and Intellectual Property-Regimes make it an indispensable goal to find new ways of protecting the intellectual and cultural commons.

In “World-Information City” international specialists in the fields of arts, theory and science analyse the policies of confinement observed in far reaching copyrights and patents from a critical point of view. The infopaper thus wants to give food for thought: “Each of us is producing culture in our daily lives – we have do decide now whether we want restricted or open and share access to the Informational Society”, Becker concluded.
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