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  A new future starts with a new opening!

Netbase intensifies discourse and mediation

”Public Netbase was yesterday – with Netbase we’re starting a new future!” On Friday 23. September Vienna’s cultural institution will present it’s new location, considerably reduced in size because of enduring cuts in financial support. Because of these changed conditions, Netbase has reoriented itself also regarding content in Spring 2005 already.

”We are concentrating more on discourse and mediation between art, culture, science and new media” says Konrad Becker, head of Netbase. The new room for events shall be used particularly with regard to critical debates and the examination of cultural and social consequences in the field of trends and changes in technology. In the centre of interest are questions concerning public access to and acquirement of knowledge, information and the media. Furthermore work on strategies against current developments in copyright, surveillance and the constraint of basic rights will be intensified.

”There is a distinct lack of space for self-determined and non-conformist art and media practice in Vienna, which Netbase can only partly remedy. We are thus confident, that the city will continue to support our work,” says Becker. The idea to provide technical support and offer spatial resource is still taken up positively by many creative artists, among whom a lot have announced interest in participating in the new Netbase.
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