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  (Public) Netbase 1994 - 2006
Ever since taking up office in 2000, Austria’s right-wing conservative government has been waging a cultural battle against critical initiatives in art, media and culture. It was all the more surprising that in January 2006 the City of Vienna should take a political decision to completely eliminate Public Netbase, a model project enjoying worldwide recognition.

On January 11th 2006, Public Netbase was told by the city's culture department that any subsidy for the group's basic activities was to be eliminated with immediate effect. On the same day, all of the group's workers were dismissed. This was followed by a dismantling of the organization, marking the end of Public Netbase's 12-year history.

Every year, the City of Vienna spends approx. 180 million Euros on art and culture. Although Vienna lags far behind in terms of digital culture and media development, Public Netbase, an internationally acknowledged institution, was forced to discontinue its many activities.

Public Netbase's significance was illustrated by numerous awards and prizes (including the Prix Ars Electronica 1995, the Prize of the City of Vienna 2000, and others) and demonstrated by many successful international projects. To many cultural and media practitioners the loss of Public Netbase has barred access to infrastructure and accumulated know-how. Among those affected is Vienna itself, which is now no longer a part of those international networks of artistic and cultural exchange.
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